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"If in fact the feathers make the plumage, it's not the glue that makes the collage" (Max Ernst)

Balance and contrast are the two keys of composition, but nothing prevents you from including your own story. It is there implicitly, like a reverie. A heap made out of thoughts and dreams, where conflicts turn into associations. I want to join together, not to divide. I would like to be able to put the whole spectrum on one page. All of it. During a show one day, somebody said to me that I must have a hell of a lot of patience. I replied "No patience at all, just a lot of time."

Alice copier Anorexia Bonobo a Fontainebleau Breakfast in Amsterdam Clafouti dans le bayou
Alice copier.jpg Anorexia.jpg Bonobo a Fontainebleau.jpg Breakfast in Amsterdam.jpg Clafouti dans le bayou.jpg
Cold Island Croyance Defile Ecce homo Escape
Cold Island.jpg Croyance.jpg Defile.jpg Ecce homo.jpg Escape.jpg
Europa Genesis La cuisine du terroir Le consommateur Le monde du silence
Europa.jpg Genesis.jpg La cuisine du terroir.jpg Le consommateur.jpg Le monde du silence.jpg