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"Painting is like shit; you can smell or feel it, but it cannot be explained." (Toulouse-Lautrec)

With oil, which floats to the top of the jar, it feels good, it's slippery, so you let yourself go without restrictions… waves of images, vague images, image waves, waves of vague words, words as symbols, symbols in layers… to read or to contemplate. I make my own film with whatever comes along. All has been already said, so I recompose… Not for amateurs of "good taste".

01Heloise au hamac 02Les copines 54x61 03Opera cat 50x61 04Dragon 38x55 05Ballerine 70x100
Heloise au hamac.jpg Les copines 54x61.jpg Opera cat 50x61.jpg Dragon 38x55.jpg Ballerine 70x100.jpg
06Hiboux voyeurs 46x61 07Dessine-moi un mouton 46x65 08Impossible Amour 09L'oie et son dieu 54x73 10Hellas 46x55
Hiboux voyeurs 46x61.jpg Dessine-moi un mouton 46x65.jpg Impossible Amour 80x80.jpg L'oie et son dieu 54x73.jpg Hellas 46x55.jpg
11Dernier baiser 80x80 12Koalas 46x55 13Toro 46x55 14L'adieu au XXe 80x80 15Le chant des sirenes 49x70
Dernier baiser 80x80.jpg Koalas 46x55.jpg Toro 46x55.jpg L'adieu au XXe 80x80.jpg Le chant des sirenes 49x70.jpg