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"Art is a game between all men of all times" (Marcel Duchamps)

I've put in : old and new, from different places, using different techniques, means of expression or introspection, always searching for new ways of exploration or sometimes compelled by urgencies.
I didn't start to draw, but I never stopped…why? I'm still wondering. Maybe it's a kind of childish or archaic habit. Nevertheless, if according to Bazaine: "A painter's life goes backwards in its course: a painter is born old."… I'm looking forward to my future childhood… or is it so that childhood like old age finds itself nearer to dreams? And if what's essential finds itself in this phrase of Huisman: "Art is sexual or is not…art is consoling or is not" does that mean that we need to console ourselves from life? Art requires so much that it needs sacrifice, as love does, in which it is necessary to give in to…
But it is not a seeking, it's a discovery…
Beyond words are images, always in the desire to trespass the framework, even if the framework has to be rebuilt by oneself, but only as it leads us in its own choice. Image is also a language, a language talking to other areas in us, to deeper more buried places … where speech is not enough, whether it's for oneself or others. A language without premeditation, where the act of construction reveals each time an unknown. All is not for sale, some is already gone, some is real and some is not, and rather than offering a conventional CV, I prefer to let you watch rather than read…though there is also poetry… and for the rest you can always ask…

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