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"Art avenges life" (Luigi Pirandello)

That oil is more difficult than watercolour is a myth. Well, maybe, if you let hazard try to create "effects" you'll be luckier with water, but if you really want to control it then there is no space for errors when working with transparency. The more my life dissolves itself, the less I allow this into my painting. I love clarity, working with patience and precision which resists chaos. Survival is keeping your head above water… and still enjoying the landscape's beauty. Sorry about the bad quality of the pictures, but the originals took a trip a long time ago.

Hydra-0 Hydra-1 Hydra-1 Hydra-3 Hydra-4
Hydra-0.jpg Hydra-1.jpg Hydra-2.jpg Hydra-3.jpg Hydra-4.jpg
Hydra-5 Hydra-6 Hydra-7 Hydra-8 Hydra-9
Hydra-5.jpg Hydra-6.jpg Hydra-7.jpg Hydra-8.jpg Hydra-9.jpg